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How it all started

Our Story

Established in 2018, Ramdon is a reputable international organisation specialising in disposable N2O, CO2, and helium cylinders for the business-to-business market. Since then, we have grown and have become a global distribution network that spans more than 40 countries within North America, South America, Europe, and Northern Africa. As of 2020, we also introduced private-label products for our business partners.

Ramdon is the result of a combination of diligent effort, passion and hard work by three Dutch visionaries and their global teams. Over these years, an international distribution chain spanning across three continents has been built, establishing household brand names in numerous countries. Renowned for exceptional customer service, we take pride in offering the best support to our distributor network. Amongst the many benefits, out clients have the unique opportunity of launching their own brands and build profitable businesses thanks to our private label program.


Elevating the experience of industrial gases in everyday life

To offer innovative solutions driven by our proven expertise in industrial gas cylinders to elevate experience and streamline complex processes in HORECA, FMCG and Technical use.


To be the market disruptor in industrial gases world-wide.

To be the market disruptor in industrial gases by actively pursuing new markets, through smart innovation and by delivering efficient solutions for both the industry and consumers in a sustainable manner.

Commercialising industrial gases


To be the market disruptor in industrial gases by actively pursuing new markets, through smart innovation and by delivering efficient solutions for both the industry and consumers in a sustainable manner.


We believe that doing the right things for our customers, partners and our team must always come first – we act with honesty without compromising the truth. We prioritise integrity, hold ourselves accountable for our actions, build trust with others, and value our reputation as a reliable company with strong moral and ethical standards.

Trusted partner

We are responsible and dependable; we prioritise the well-being of our customers, associates, and team members. We firmly believe that successful partnerships are built on trust, open communication, shared objectives, and a collaborative mindset. Together we unlock the potential for remarkable achievements.

Drive for success

Having “entrepreneurial zeal” we embody innovation and creativity. We are forward thinking and solutions driven. We foster an error-embracing and adventurous environment where employees take decisions and drive initiatives that lead to growth and success. We are open to uncharted territory, to pioneering strategies and to taking bold decisions that challenge uncertainty for collective success.


We believe that an agile mindset is key to adapting and finding the best solutions for our customers. We evolve rapidly to ensure that we respond swiftly to changing landscapes, achieving success through innovation and efficient execution without compromising quality.

Respect uniqueness

Healthy relationships — inclusive environment. We treat all our stakeholders with dignity and fairness. Our commitment to diversity celebrates differences, encourages open communication, nurtures collaboration, and values individual contributions. We embrace a responsible and sustainable approach in view of respecting and protecting the environment.

News & blogs

Industry insights:
explore, inform, inspire.

Our blog and news section is your gateway to staying informed in our fast-paced world. We deliver news, in-depth analysis and engaging articles on a diverse range of topics in the field of technical and food gases.

Quality Control Measures for CO2

Quality Control Measures for CO2 Emissions: Strategies for Effective Management

In the food and beverage industry, carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a crucial role as a preservative and is vital in the carbonation process of soft drinks and beer. Therefore, ensuring...

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Applications of Beverage Grade CO2

Applications of Beverage Grade CO2: Industry Uses and Benefits

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a key ingredient in the beverage industry, integral not only for carbonation but for various aspects of production and dispensing. As you explore the role of...

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Regulatory Standards for CO2 in Beverages

Regulatory Standards for CO2 in Beverages: Ensuring Quality and Safety

Carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a pivotal role in the beverage industry, primarily as a carbonating agent that gives sparkling drinks their fizz and enhances shelf life by inhibiting spoilage organisms....

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Proven quality

With our global presence and in-depth expertise, we are equipped to offer a diverse range of solutions, all backed by solid evidence and certified quality. Whether it’s developing sustainable products, implementing environmentally responsible processes, or delivering eco-friendly services, we always strive for the highest possible standards.

Furthermore, we take great pride in our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. Our global teams of experts remain dedicated to research and development, aiming to stay at the forefront of the industry with the ultimate goal of making a positive impact on our planet.

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