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14.02.2024 3 minutes

Explore Innovative Gases & Devices at the Champs Trade Show 2024 in USA!

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Las Vegas, Nevada – As the sole manufacturer of Exotic Whip and FastGas, Ramdon is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Champs Trade Show, taking place from February 14th to 17th, 2024, in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Visitors are warmly invited to explore Booth Numbers 3267 and 4267, where the latest innovations in industrial gases and related gadgets will be on display.

The Champs Trade Show, known for being the premier gathering for industry advancements, will be the backdrop for an exclusive presentation of Exotic Whip’s top-of-the-line cream chargers, which promise to enhance the flavour and texture of culinary creations. Not far behind, Ramdon will showcase a diverse array of products, including FastGas, Exotic Whip and other exciting opportunities among which is the Private Label project.

At Exotic Whip’s stand, visitors can delve into the world of high-capacity nitrous oxide cream chargers, designed to revolutionise the art of cocktails and coffee mixology to enhance the efficiency at professional bars and kitchens. 

Ramdon, an esteemed name in the commercialisation of industrial gases, extends its reach beyond N2O; offering CO2 and Private label solutions perfect for businesses looking for EU-quality, certified non-refillable cylinders. Since 2018, Ramdon’s growth has been marked by the successful spread of its global distribution network across more than 40 countries, matched with unparalleled customer service and support.

During the Champs Trade Show, attendees will have the chance to:

With a firm commitment to quality, Ramdon’s brands, Exotic Whip and FastGas adhere to rigorous quality controls and hold industry-recognized certifications. Moreover, our expansive warehouse network across the USA ensures that your business needs are met swiftly and efficiently.

Your presence at the Champs Trade Show will allow us to connect with you in person, understand your needs, and explore how our products can benefit your business. For an unforgettable experience and the chance to enrich your business offerings, visit us at Exotic Whip Booth 3267 and Ramdon Booth 4267 in Las Vegas.

For more information before the trade show, please reach out via our contact details below or visit our websites. We are eager to meet you and are looking forward to making this event a standout occasion for all our current and future partners.

Best regards,

Ramdon sales team 


+356 7939 8622

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